Abdul-Karim Mousavi Ardebili, Iranian cleric and jurist, Died at 90


Abdul-Karim Mousavi Ardebili was born on January 28, 1926, in Ardabil and died on November 23, 2016.

He was an Iranian politician and Twelver shi’a marja.

Abdul’s father, Mir-Abdul Rahim was a cleric and his mother died when he was a child.

Abdul’s father sent him to Mula-Ebrahim School in 1940.

Mousavi Ardebili went to Qom for higher education in 1943 and was there until 1946.

Abdul’s teachers were Grand Ayatollah Kazem Haeeri and Mohammad-Reza Golpayegani.

Mousavi Ardebili traveled to Najaf in 1946 for cleric studies and studied Islam and religion.

Mousavi Ardebili was in Najaf until 1948 when his father died and he returned to Iran.

Ardebili had also established Mofid University in 1989 and was its president until his death.

He was married twice.

Mousavi Ardebili had 10 children, 6 sons and 4 daughters.

Abdul-Karim Mousavi Ardebili passed away at 90 years old.