Zhou Xiaoyan, Chinese vocal pedagogue and classical soprano, Died at 98


Zhou Xiaoyan was born on August 17, 1917, and died on March 4, 2016.

She was a Chinese vocal pedagogue and retired classical soprano.

She was dubbed by The New York Times as “China’s First Lady of Opera”, Zhou was considered to be the first important instructor of Western opera in China.

As a vocalist, Xiaoyan performed in theaters and concert halls across Europe in 1946–1947.

She earning the nickname the “Chinese Nightingale”.

She studied with Premier Zhou Enlai, Xiaoyan began a career teaching voice at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1949.

Xiaoyan remained an instructor at the Shanghai Conservatory for more than 65 years.

She had many students, who went on to highly successful international opera careers.

Zhou Xiaoyan passed away at 98 yrs old.