Yunus Jaffery, Indian Persian scholar, Died at 86


S.M. Yunus Jaffery was born in 1930 and died in 2016.

He was a scholar of Persian language from Delhi, India.

Yunus mentioned in writer William Dalrymple’s 1994 book, City of Djinns.

Yunus Jaffery received the Farabi International Award, a literary prize, in 2006 by the Iran government for his work towards the Persian language.

He had written short stories in Urdu and Hindi as well, apart from his work in Persian language.

Yunus Jaffery had translated Hindu epic Ramayan to Persian, and edited, transcribed historical books like Shah Jehan Nama to clear Persian script.

Yunus Jaffery was well versed with culture and norms of Mughal times, along with his Persian writing.

Jaffery attended Delhi College (now Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University) for his graduate studies and later taught there.

Jaffery had also studied Persian studies in University of Tehran in 1960s.

During 1995, he retired from Zakir Hussain College, Delhi as dean of Persian studies.

He died in Delhi.

Yunus Jaffery passed away at 86 years old.