Yoka Berretty, actress, Died at 87


Yoka Berretty was born on May 8, 1928, and died on November 28 2015.

She was a Dutch actress.

Yoka began her career as an actress in Italian films like Angela (1955, Edoardo Anton, Dennis O’Keefe) and played in international productions like The Last Blitzkrieg (1959, Arthur Dreifuss) and Das Letzte Kapitel (1961, Wolfgang Liebe Einer).

She was one of the main characters in the satirical television series ‘So it happens to be a time.

Yoka also had a role in the Dutch film, The Raid.

In 1961, herself and Wim van den Heuvel in Literature.

In 1985, Yoka played the role of mother in the film Prey.

In 1994, she starred in the movie Eve of Theo van Gogh.

Yoka Berretty was married to Andreas Landshoff, son of the publisher Fritz Helmut Landshoff.

Yoka Berretty passed away at 87 years old due to a fall.