Willis Carto, Founder of the American Free Press, Died at 89

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Willis Allison Carto was born on July 17, 1926, and died on October 26, 2015.

He was a notable figure on the American far right.

Willis Carto described himself as Jeffersonian and populist, but was primarily known for his promotion of antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.

Willis was considered to be one of America’s most influential political, racial theorists through the Liberty Lobby and successor organizations which he helped create.

He helped found the Populist Party, which served as an electoral vehicle for White nationalist and Ku Klux Klan members, such as David Duke in 1988 and Christian Identity supporter Bo Gritz in 1992.

Carto’s current American Free Press continues in the spirit of the Liberty Lobby’s The Spotlight, running columns by Joe Sobran, James Traficant, Paul Craig Roberts, presidential candidate Ron Paul, and others.

It continues to promote alternative theories to the 9-11 attacks and support presidential candidates favouring individual liberty.

Willis was involved in many other projects, included the Institute for Historical Review which was founded by Carto to promote Holocaust denial.

He fought in World War II, beginning in 1944 when he was only 18.

Willis Carto was involved in starting a new political party called the Populist Party in 1984.

His Liberty Lobby acquired the Sun Radio Network in December 1989, and attempted to use talk radio as a vehicle for espousing his views.

It was eventually a financial failure. Liberty Lobby and American Free Press also sponsored the Radio Free America talk show.

He also joined in signing the New Orleans Protocol on behalf of American Free Press in 2004.

The New Orleans Protocol seeks to “mainstream our cause” by reducing internecine warfare.

It was written by white nationalist David Duke.

Willis passed away at age 89 in October 2015.