Willie Akins , American jazz saxophonist, died at 76

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Willie Akins, born on April 10, 1939 in Webster Groves, Missouri, and died October 2, 2015, Willie was an American jazz saxophonist.

Willie Akins began playing music on a simple recorder-type instrument.

Before long he was playing the saxophone. Attracted by the music opportunities and challenges of New York City, Willie moved to that city in 1957.

He was there for eleven years and returned to St. Louis, shortly after his father’s death.

Since then, Willie has worked to raise the standard of jazz musicianship in St. Louis.

He and his Willie Akins Quartet perform regularly at Spruill’s nightclub in St. Louis.

In 1998 Willie and the quartet released their first music compact disc entitled, “Alima” (Catalyst Productions).

Quartet members also featured on the CD are Willem von Hombracht (bass), Montez Coleman (drums), and Simon Rowe (piano).