William Hamilton, American cartoonist, Died at 76


William Hamilton was born on June 2, 1939, and died on April 8, 2016.

He was an American cartoonist and playwright.

William Hamilton was most closely associated with the magazine The New Yorker.

He was regarded for his wit and irony and for presenting his characters, most often examples of modern, affluent types, with distinctive “ski-jump” noses noted for a peculiar shape that has become a sort of unofficial trademark.

In 1969, he married Candida Vargas, granddaughter of GetĂșlio Dornelles Vargas, dictator of Brazil, .

The couple separated in 1976.

The breakup of his marriage prompted his turn to play-writing, and his first play Save Grand Central was “about the middle of the end of a marriage.”

His plays document the same world as his cartoons, and seldom recycle lines from his cartoons.

One of his play,’White Chocolate’ has been described as “a farce about race and class in the upper echelons of New York society.”

Hamilton married Lucy Young Hamilton in 2003.

William Hamilton was survived by his wife, his son, Gilliam, and his daughter and her husband, Alexandra and Billy Kimball.

Hamilton died in a car accident in Lexington, Kentucky.

William Hamilton passed away at 76 yrs old.