Vlastimir Trajković, Serbian composer, Died at 69


Vlastimir Trajković was born on June 17, 1947, in Belgrade, and died on January 4, 2017, in Belgrade.

He was a Serbian composer.

He was also a full-time professor of composition and orchestration at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

He came from a family of three generations of musicians (his maternal grandfather was composer and musicologist Miloje Milojević), Trajković studied composition at the Faculty of Music (formerly the Academy of Music) under Vasilije Mokranjac.

After his graduation in 1971 and earning his Master’s Degree in 1977, Trajković attended Andre Laporte and Witold Lutoslawski’s international summer course in Grožnjan, Croatia.

Trajković completed his specialisation with Olivier Messiaen at the Paris Conservatoire, from 1977–78.

Trajković secured his first teaching post in Stanković Music School in 1971, where he remained until 1975.

Since then he has been teaching at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (including the Theory of Music until 1978, and Composition and Orchestration thereafter) and acquired a full-time Professor of Composition and Orchestration position in 1993.

Trajković was also Head of Department of Composition and Orchestration from 1988–2007. Among other notable Serbian composers, Katarina Miljković, Isidora Žebeljan, Ognjen Bogdanović, Anja Đorđević, Božo Banović and Aleksandar Sedlar Bogoev have all either graduated or earned their master’s degree under Trajković’s supervision; on of his student was also Đuro Živković.

During 2001, Trajković was a member of the jury for the International Jeunesses Musicales Competition for violin and was elected a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, becoming a full-time member in 2009.

His oeuvre has been performed in Serbia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

In the field of musicology, and in collaboration with Slobodan Varsaković, Trajković undertook to fully restore the bequest of his grandfather, Miloje Milojević, by classifying his numerous manuscripts, compositions and papers into a comprehensive catalogue.

Vlastimir Trajković passed away at 69 years old.