Vijaya Nandasiri, Sri Lankan actor and dramatist, Died at 72

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Wijaya Nandasiri was born in 1944, and died on August 8, 2016.
He was a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor.
Vijaya Nandasiri attended the Vidyakara Vidyalaya in Maharagama.
Nandasiri became interested in acting during his tenure there, and made his theater debut in 1966 in the stage drama Vidura-Diva produced by Amaradasa Gunawardena for the State Drama Festival.
Then, he obtained a role in Naribena, Jasaya saha Lenchina made by veteran drama producer Dayananda Gunawardena, who personally Nandasiri had a varied career beginning in theater and extending into film as a dramatic actor; his most recent roles were steeped in comedy and include credits in Sinhala sitcoms like Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni, Ethuma and Kathura.
During 1976, he met K.A.W. Perera while staging T. B. Ilangaratne’s Shailasanaya.
Perera gave him his first film role in the movie Nedayo.
Finally, he has had roles in such films as Yasa Isuru, Sandakada Pahana, Bengali Walalu, Sasara and Rail Para.
Vijaya received the best actor award for his role of the match maker in Sikuru Hathe.
His nearly television credits include Perera’s Gamana and Pramada Wedei. He was later a producer of the teledrama Humalaya.
Actress Devika Mihirani, was his wife, Their first encounter was at Sudarshi Visual Arts Center, where Mihirani studied for dancing.
He was the one who invited Mihirani for the drama Subha Saha Yasa in 1974. They have two children, Navanjana and Rasanjana Suchitra.
Vijaya Nandasiri passed away at 72 years old.