Uri Coronel, Dutch sports director, Died at 69


Uri Coronel was born on December 24, 1946, in Amsterdam, and died on July 18, 2016.

He was a Dutch sports director and chairman of Ajax Amsterdam.

He stayed at the club from April 2008 to July 25, 2011.

He served as a board member for the Dutch association football club AFC Ajax from 1989 until 1997.

Coronel was the driving force behind the relocation of the club from its former home of De Meer Stadion to the now current home at the Amsterdam ArenA.

During 2007, Uri was the head of the committee which investigated the functionality of the club.

The Chairman John Jakke and Managing director Maarten Fontein were scrutinized after the investigation, leading to their immediate resignation.

Subsequently, Coronel became the new Chairman of Ajax following the dismissal.

The position of Chairman of the club became an unpaid position.

With Uri Coronel filling the position, Ajax would once again have a Jewish Chairman.

However, whilst Uri was the chairman, he came under harsh criticism, as his direction for the club deviated to hard from his own initial report which was submitted by his investigative committee.

The board of AFC Ajax, on March 30, 2011, Uri Coronel, amongst others, announced their resignation, as a result of an impending deadlock, after tensions arose between the leadership of the club and club icon Johan Cruyff.

Besides Ajax Uri Coronel was very successful in the field of insurance.

Uri Coronel passed away at 69 yeasr old.