Ugandan educator and activist, Sarah Nyendwoha Ntiro, Died at 93

Sarah Nyendwoha Ntiro was born on January 1, 1925, in Hoima and died on October 22, 2018.

She was an Ugandan educator and activist.

She was the first woman university graduate in East and Central Africa from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in History in 1954.

Her parents were Erasto B. Nyendwoha Akiiki of the Bakwonga clan and Jane Nsungwa Nyendwoha Adyeri, from the Babiito clan, in 1925.

Both her folks were instructors.

Sarah began school in a kindergarten class at Duhaga Girls’ School in Hoima where she examined up to Primary 4.

During 1938, she joined King’s College Budo where she considered for a long time, from Primary 5 to Secondary 6 (1938-1945).

Toward the finish of these years, she sat the Makerere College selection tests and was admitted to Makerere College to prepare as an educator.

Sarah Nyendwoha Nitro completed three years, doing history, topography, English and instructor preparing. She was denied the chance to contemplate Mathematics in light of the fact that the Maths Tutor said he didn’t instruct young ladies.

Ntiro did her showing practice at King’s College Budo and Kyebambe Girls’ School and later got an instructing declaration.

During 1951, Sarah Nyendwoha Ntiro joined Oxford University where graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History in 1954.

Ntiro was the principal East and Central African lady to move on from Oxford University when no tertiary establishments allowed degrees in East Africa.

Ntiro married Sam Joseph Ntiro in December 1958.

The couple had two sons, Joseph Kakindo Ntiro Amooti and Simbo Nyakwera Ntiro Ateny.

Sarah Nyendwoha Ntiro passed away at 93 years old.


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