Two Sisters Cave In Jamaica

The Two Sisters Cave is a twin cave system, believed to be some 200,000 years old. The cave was formerly a single cave but following the great earthquake of 1692 (which destroyed Port Royal the sunken city) the roof of the cave collapsed, leaving two smaller open-air caves separated by a huge pile of rubble.


The caves are both underwater; their base are lined with large pools of crystal clear blue water with rocky ledges overhanging the pools are home to swallows and fish eating bats which can be seem darting about above the water.


It is believed that the caves are connected to other caves in the area through underground limestone tunnels.


There are many stories that surround the caves and how the name “Two sisters Cave” came about.


Legend has it that one late night, two sisters who were slaves, made a daring escape from a sugar plantation and headed for the hills. After days of running through the bushes and climbing some rather rocky mountains, the siblings ended up in Hellshire.


There, they discovered the two ancient caves which, though a few feet away from each other, are linked by a single stream.


The sisters, injured and frail after days of running barefoot across rocks and bushes, settled in the caves. Several days passed with the sisters unable to leave the caves, even as they knew that the men their slave master had sent in search of them were hot on their trail.


Eventually, early one morning the sisters heard the shouts of their approaching hunters and knew that they were about to be discovered.


But instead of accepting that they would have to return to a life of enslavement, the sisters decided that they would make the ultimate sacrifice. The story is that the sisters held hands and jumped into the water inside the cave to their ultimate demise.


The caves were first inhabited by the Tainos and even today, there are carvings and drawings on the walls of the caves that show that they were there.


The Two Sisters Cave remains an attraction site to this date to both foreigners and locals to be intrigued by the tales of the caves and to view the magnificent art of nature.


With a great view and cool sea breezes from Hellshire Bay, Two Sister Caves is where you can spend a relaxing day exploring one of the natural beauties of Jamaica.


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