Trudi Roth, Swiss actress, Died at 86


Trudi Roth was born on April 2, 1930, in Basel, Switzerland and died on June 11, 2016.

She was a Swiss stage and film actress starring usually in Swiss German language cinema and television and stage productions.

She resided in the municipality of Zürich.

Trudi’s first stage experiences date back to her childhood as she had a small role at the Stadttheater Basel in 1939.

Roth received her education at the Konservatorium under Ernst Ginsberg in Basel, followed by performances beginning in 1947 with the cabaret-doodle-doo, KiKeriKi with César Keiser and Cabaret Cornichon respectively Cabaret Fédéral.

Then, later she starred in comedies and musicals, and Trudi Roth acted for the radio in radio plays and for the Swiss television.

Her most famous role was the character of Martha Aebersold in the Swiss comedy serial Fascht e Familie in the 1990s.

Among her other appearances, Trudi Roth also starred in about a dozen plays, musicals and farces on Bernhard-Theater Zürich between 1965 and 2001.

He had motivated film director Marie-Louise Bless to create the television film Das Paar im Kahn in 2004.

Trudi Roth passed away at 86 yrs old.