Trish Vradenburg, American screenwriter, Died at 70


Trish Vradenburg was born in 1946, in Newark, New Jersey and died 2017.

She was an American playwright, author, television writer, and advocate of research to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

She was the daughter of Beatrice and Judge Joseph Lerner.

Vradenburg graduate of the Boston University in 1968, and became a speech writer for Senator Harrison A. Williams (D-NJ).

Vradenburg was a writer on three television shows.

Also to that, Vradenburg wrote the novel Liberated Lady (1986) as well as the plays The Apple Doesn’t Fall… and Surviving Grace.

The two plays are accounts of her time as an Alzheimer’s caregiver for her mother, who died of the disease in 1991.

She survived by her husband, former AOL executive and venture philanthropist George Vradenburg.

During 2008, the Vradenburgs founded US Against Alzheimer’s, a national advocacy network dedicated to stopping Alzheimer’s.

During 2012, Capitol File magazine named Trish and George Vradenburg on their list of Washington’s top power couples for the philanthropy and advocacy efforts.

Vradenburg was also a member of the board of Theater J and DC Vote.

Trish Vradenburg passed away at 70 years old.