Trịnh Thị Ngọ, Vietnamese radio personality, Died at 87

Trịnh Thị Ngọ was born in 1931, and died on October 2, 2016.

She was also known as Thu Huong and Hanoi Hannah.

She was a Vietnamese radio personality.

She was best known for her work during the Vietnam War, when she made English-language broadcasts for North Vietnam directed at United States troops.

And Trinh Dinh Kinh, was a successful businessman who owned the largest glass factory in Indochina.

Trịnh Thị Ngọ later stated that she grew eager to learn English because of her desire to watch her favorite films such as Gone with the Wind without subtitles.

Trịnh Thị Ngọ family provided her with private lessons in English.

During 1955, when Trịnh was 25 years old, she joined the Voice of Vietnam radio station and was chosen to read the English language newscast aimed at listeners in Asia’s English-speaking countries.

A tutor and mentors at the station was Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett.

During that time, she adopted the alias Thu Hương, meaning “autumn fragrance”, as it was easier and shorter for her non-Vietnamese listeners.

During 1975, after the war, Trịnh moved to Saigon with her husband.

Trịnh Thị Ngọ died in Ho Chi Minh City.

Trịnh Thị Ngọ passed away at 87 years old.