Topazia Alliata, Italian painter and writer, Died at 102


Topazia Alliata was born on September 5, 1913, in Italy, and died on November 23, 2015, in Rome.

She was a Italian painter and writer.

She was the daughter of Prince Henry Alliatas Villafranca, Duke of Salaparuta.

Her mother was the aristocratic Sonia Maria Amelia de Ortuzar Ovalle de Olivarez, the daughter of a Chilean diplomat.

Topazia family had chosen a man, whom she was to marry, an English earl, but Topazia married Fosco Maraini in Florence in 1935 who, when on to become one of the greatest anthropologists of the twentieth century.

Together with her ​​husband and their first child, he moved to Japan. p.

After the war, in 1946, back in Sicily, in Bagheria, and the family moved into the monumental Villa Valguarnera.

The same year Topazia father died, the Duke Henry, and Topazia succeeded her at the helm of the cellars of Casteldaccia .

It was the creator of the wine “Dove Platinum”, a white still produced under the brand name “Raven”.

In an extremely difficult time, in Sicily of the postwar period, he does everything possible to revive the fortunes of the company, but nothing is to prevent the sale, which took place a few years later, in 1959.

In those years Alliata was close to Danilo Dolci, father of nonviolence and the fight against the Mafia, but Topazia never officially joins any political party.

In 1959 Topazia opened an art gallery in Trastevere, the “Gallery topazia alliata”, where he exhibited avant-garde painters.

Topazia took part in the founding of the Museum Guttuso of Bagheria.

Topazia Alliata passed away at 102 yrs old.