Tony Särkkä, Swedish musician, Died at 45


Tony Särkkä was born in 1972 and died on February 14, 2017.

Tony went by the stage name It.

He was a Swedish-Gypsy multi-instrumentalist.

He has played in many black metal bands.

Tony Särkkä played guitar, drums and bass guitar as well as doing vocals.

Särkkä was joined by Jim Berger in many projects.

Tony’s projects include Abruptum, Ophthalamia, Vondur, Incision, Brejn Dedd, War and 8th Sin.

Tony also contributed guest vocals to Dissection’s second album Storm of the Light’s Bane, and to Marduk’s third album Opus Nocturne.

Tony Särkkä was noted for being a member of the Swedish “Black Circle” but left the black metal scene altogether after receiving threats to his family.

Tony Särkkä passed away at 45 years old.