Tony Figueira, Angolan-born Namibian photographer, Died at 57

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Tony Figueira was born on December 13, 1959, in Huambo, Angola and died on April 12, 2017, in Swakopmund.

He was a Namibian photographer, journalist, and businessman.

Tony was the owner Studio 77, a design studio in Windhoek.

His family relocated to South West Africa when he was seven, and he attended St Paul’s College in Windhoek.

Tony Figueira studied journalism at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, and graduated in 1984.

Whilst he was a journalist, Tony worked for several radio stations including the Voice of America, and for anti-apartheid newspapers like The Rand Daily Mail.

photojournalism took up most of his time, however, Figueira became known for documenting key moments in contemporary Southern African history, for instance Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid visit to Robben Island, and Sam Nujoma’s return from exile.

He died due to Multiple myeloma.

Tony Figueira passed away at 57 years old.