Tomas Ponten, actor and director, died at 69

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Tomas Ponten, Carl Axel Thomas Pontén, born January 29, 1946 and died September 15, 2015, he was a Swedish actor and director.

Tomas was born in Skovde, Sweden and was the son of colonel Birger Ponten and Ellen, nee Nordlof.

He was younger brother to the doctor Jan Pontén and fashion designer Gunilla Ponten.

Tomas was also the nephew of engineer Ruben Pontén and cousin of actor Gunvor Pontén.

He passed his student examination in 1967 and studied at Statens scenskola in Stockholm from 1969 to 1972.

Tomas worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre (“Dramaten”) from 1972.

Tomas never married but was partners from 1983 to 2000 with Suzanne Reuter.

They had three sons. Tomas Ponten died on 15 September 2015 after a long illness.