Tokitenkū Yoshiaki, Mongolian sumo wrestler, Died at 37

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki was born as Altangadasyn Khüchitbaatar on September 10, 1979, and died on January 31, 2017.

He was a sumo wrestler.

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki made his professional debut in 2002, reaching the top makuuchi division just two years later.

The highest rank Tokitenkū Yoshiaki reached was komusubi, which he held on three separate occasions, but never retained for more than one tournament.

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki earned one special prize, for Technique.

Yoshiaki wrestled for Tokitsukaze stable and acquired Japanese citizenship.

He was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma in 2015 and retired from sumo in 2016 to become a coach.

Tokitenkū Yoshiaki passed away 37 years old.