Tino Garcia, actor, died at 80

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Constantino “Tino” García Arguello, born on May 26, 1935 and died September 26, 2015.

Tino  was a Nicaraguan-Puerto Rican comedy actor who participated in a number of Puerto Rican and Hollywood series and films, including Harbor Lights, Thunder Island and Bananas.

Tino Tino was born in Managua, Nicaragua.

His father, Constantino Garcia Hernandez, was a Puerto Rican from the city of Aguadilla, residing in Nicaragua, and his mother, Eva Arguello Penalba, was a Nicaraguan from Leon.

In 1936, when baby Constantino Jr. was one years old, his family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Constantino Jr. grew around Ocean Park and Loiza street, joining the Colegio San Jose school as a teenager, and then the Gordon Military College in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

This led to him being admitted to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Tino then traveled to New York City to take directing and producing courses at the local SRT school of radio and television.

Returning to Puerto Rico, Tino became a prolific theater actor during the decade of the 1960s, participating in, among others, “Una Ciguena Con Bigotes” (“A Mustached Stork”), which was written by Emilio Huyke; Rene Marques’ “La Carreta” (“The Oxcart”); “La Pareja Dispareja” (“The Odd Couple”) alongside Elin Ortiz and Yoyo Boing; “Cuando El Es Guadalupe” (“When He Is Guadalupe”); “La Marquesa Esta e-n Tres y Dos” (“The Marquess Is Undecided”) and “El Misterio Del Castillo” (“The Castle’s Mystery”), the latter of which was a musical.

He died at age 80 on September 26, 2015.