Theresa Poh Lin Chan, Singaporean writer and actress, Died at 72

  Actor, Writers

Chan Poh Lin was born in 1943, in Singapore and died on June 6, 2016.

She was also known as Theresa Poh Lin Chan.

She was a writer, teacher, and one-time actor.

Theresa Poh Lin Chan was known in her younger years as “the Helen Keller of Southeast Asia”, as a reference to indicate that, like Keller.

She was a highly accomplished deaf and blind person.

Theresa Poh Lin Chan has been deaf since age 12, and deafblind since age 14.

She received her education in the United States at the Perkins School for the Blind where she learned to understand and speak English and read Braille as well as dance, ice skate, knit, and horseback ride.

During her studies in the US, she attended the funeral of Helen Keller.

Theresa Poh Lin Chan was the subject of a 1964 BBC radio documentary, “Child of the Silent Night: The story of Chan Poh Lin” by Stephen Grenfell.

Chan also starred in the feature film, Be with Me (2005), a Singaporean movie in three parts.

She was given credits as a writer for the film as well, considered because her writings about her life were part of the inspiration for the film.

Theresa Poh Lin Chan passed away at 72 yrs old.