Teatao Teannaki, I-Kiribati politician, Died at 80


Teatao Teannaki died on October 11, 2016.
He was an I-Kiribati political figure.
Teannaki was first elected to represent Abiang in the House of Assembly of Kiribati.
Then at th beginning of 1979, he served as Vice President under Ieremia Tabai.
Teannaki would also serve as the Minister of Home Affairs in 1987, and as Minister of Finance from 1987 to 1991.
Teannaki was narrowly elected to replace Tabai as the President of Kiribati on behalf of the National Progressive Party of Kiribati from 8 July 1991 until 1 October 1994.
Reportedly, Tabai continued to exert political influence in the Kiribati government throughout Teannaki’s term.
He also served as Foreign Minister beginning in 1992.
Teannaki was succeeded by Teburoro Tito after defeat in a September 1994 election.
He was at the helm of the National Progressive Party as of July 2015.
He died after having a heart attack.
Teatao Teannaki passed away at 80 years old.