Tayeb Saddiki, Moroccan playwright, Died at 77

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Tayeb Seddiki was born in 1938, in Essaouira, and died on February 5, 2016.

He was a Moroccan playwright.

He has written in both Arabic and French.

Seddiki grew up in Casablanca in a neighborhood between el Habous and l’Hermitage.

He decided to go to France to study architecture, at 17 yrs old.

Following a course on stage design, he became interested in theater and started working as a designer and translator.

Then, one of the actors fell ill, Seddiki took over the part and since then continued acting, directing and writing.

After Seddiki went back to Morocco, together with the Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) he founded a ‘workers’ theater group.

Shortly after the independence of Morocco, Seddiki founded his own company, “la groupe Seddiki”.

Tayeb Seddiki became artistic director of the Mohamed V theater, at only 23 years old.

Seddiki also worked as the director of the theater of Casablanca.

After which, he founded the Masrah Annass (theater of the people) and finally the theater of Mogador, at the boulevard Gandhi in Casablanca.

Tayeb Seddiki passed away at 77 yrs old