Taramon Bibi


Freedom fighters Taramon Bibi Bir Protik was born in 1956, in Shankar Madhabpur village, Kurigram District and died on December 1, 2018.

She was one of the two female Freedom fighters in Bangladesh, which earned her the Bir Protik award.

Taramon Bibi took part in direct combat during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 as a member of the Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army) which was a guerrilla force that fought against the Pakistan military.

Abdus Sobhan and Kulsum Bewa was her parents.

Bibi was employed by the Mukti Bahini as a helper at the camp when she was 16.

Bibi was taken back by the war effort and asked Havildar Muhit in the infantry regiment of Sector 11 to train.

Muhit trained her on the usage of .303 British Rifle and submachine guns.

Bibi was placed in Sector 11 under the leadership of Sector commander Abu Taher.

Abdul Mazid was her husband.

The couple had 2 children, Abu Taher and a daughter.

Taramon Bibi passed away at her residence at Char Rajibpur Upazila, Kurigram, at 62 year old.


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