Tahsin Yücel, Turkish writer, Died at 83

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‘Tahsin Yücel was born on February 17, 1933, in Ötegeç OI, Elbistan, Kahramanmaras and died on January 22, 2016, in Istanbul.

He was Turkish academics, story and novel writer, essayist, critic and translator,.

He was also a professor of French language and literature, semiotics has worked in the field.

He served in the field trial and the novel in Turkish literature and recognized by critics ID.

He was in 2000 retire from office at the University of Istanbul and gave weight to literary studies.

In 2003,he won the “Yunus Nadi Novel Prize” and “Language Association Omer Asim Al Novel Award” winner Yucel, “Lies” (2002) novel has attracted great interest.

Tahsin Yücel passed away at 83 yrs old.