T. A. Razzaq, Indian screenwriter, Died at 58

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T. A. Razzaq was born on April 25, 1958, and died on August 15, 2016.

He was an Indian screenwriter.

He worked on Malayalam movies.

His parents were T.A.Bappu & Vazhayil Khadeeja.

T.A younger brother, T. A. Shahid, was also a screenwriter who wrote scripts for successful films such as Balettan and Rajamanikyam.

Razzaq began his film career earlier as assistant director of A.T.abu with “Dwani” and Lenin Rajendran for “Vachanam” later he turned to pen on advisor of actor Thilakan who gave him debut to make screenplay based Thilakan’s own directed drama “Fasaq” as screened as “Ghoshayathra” as same as other movies Vishnulokam in 1991.

Razzaq worked for around 30 Malayalam movies with the areas of his contribution including script, story, and dialogue.

T. A. Razzaq passed away at 58 years old.