Sylvia McLaughlin, environmental activist, Died at 99


Sylvia McLaughlin was born on December 24, 1916, and died in January 2016.

She was a pioneer in environmentalism.

‘The Save San Francisco Bay Association which eventually became Save The Bay’, was founded by Sylvia along with Kay Kerr and Esther Gulick.

Her childhood was spent in Denver, Colorado.

While she stayed in Denver, she developed a love for the wilderness and the outdoors.

She gained her bachelor degree from Vassar College in French in 1939, married Donald McLaughlin in 1948 and settled in Berkeley, California.

Reportedly Sylvia was referred to as an “impractical idealist,” a “do-gooder” and a “posy-picker” but she is credited as a leader in environmentalism.

Miss McLaughlin became a tree sitter in the Berkeley oak grove controversy but was unsuccessful, in 2007

McLaughlin lived in the Berkeley Hills and remained active in the environmental movement until her death.

Sylvia McLaughlin passed away at 99 yrs old.