Swedish author, Bertil Mårtensson, Died at 73


Bertil Mårtensson was born in 1945, in Malmö, and died on November 4, 2018, in Helsingborg.

He was a Swedish creator of sci-fi, wrongdoing fiction, and dream and furthermore a scholastic rationalist.

He was right-hand teacher at Umeå University, where he was additionally seat of the division from 1988-93, and at Lund University.

Since his childhood, Mårtensson composed for the most part sci-fi short stories and books, and a protracted dream work in three volumes distributed in 1979– 83 and in an updated release in 1997.

His work has in style and subjects been contrasted by Swedish pundits with those of Clifford D. Simak, Theodore Sturgeon, Arabian Nights and J. R. R. Tolkien.

The Scandinavian flavor has additionally been underscored. Mårtensson composed fiction with the Scandinavian kind of troll, as in Ibsen and Grieg’s Peer Gynt and In the Hall of the Mountain King, or the trolls of John Bauer.

Mårtensson started his vocation as a profoundly dynamic sci-fi fan, co-altering Science Fiction Forum with John-Henri Holmberg and Mats Linder during the 1960s, and later without anyone else during the 1990s.

Mårtensson likewise contributed many short stories and articles to Swedish sci-fi fanzines and was Guest of Honor at a few national sci-fi traditions.

His first novel, Detta är verkligheten (“This is the truth”), was granted at the Paneuropean tradition in Trieste in 1972, and has been converted into Danish and Czech.

Mårtensson additionally distributed a progression of sci-fi, science dream and dream books, and distributed sci-fi stories in English, German, French, Danish, Spanish, and Italian.

He additionally composed four police procedural wrongdoing books in the late 1970s, the second was granted the Sherlock Award for best Swedish wrongdoing novel of 1977.

As a rationalist, Mårtensson distributed a reading material of formal rationale and a prologue to the reasoning of science.

Mårtensson fundamental advantages were perception, idea development, and the development of information.

Mårtensson was Associate Professor Emeritus at Lund University.

After his retirement, he kept on composing and distributed expositions about sci-fi and some short stories.

Bertil Mårtensson passed away at 73 years old.


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