Svetlana Penkina, Belarusian actress, Died at 65


Svetlana Alexandrovna Penkina was born on June 6, 1951, and died on October 20, 2016.
She was a Soviet actress.
She graduated from the Minsk Theater and Art Institute.
She gained her first taste of success for her role of Katya Bulavina in the Soviet thirteen-episode television drama series The Road to Calvary (Russian: Хождение по мукам) based on the trilogy The Road to Calvary (Russian: Хождение по мукам) by Aleksey Tolstoy.
This role was her diploma work at the Minsk Theater Institute.
While she worked on character, the young actress co-starred in two films.
She was in the movie Dust in the Sun (Russian: Пыль под солнцем) she played Anna Mikhailovna, an associate of Lithuanian revolutionary Joseph Vareikis.
The next movie ‘In The Color of Gold’ (Russian: Цвет золота) she appeared in one of the starring roles, Zoya.
In the year 1982, the actress played Lida in the film The Solar Wind (Russian: Солнечный ветер), and in 1985, she had the role of secretary Vika in For The Coming Age, the adaptation of the novel by Soviet writer Georgiy Markov.
Not long after that, she retired from movie roles.
She is the widow of musician and singer Vladimir Mulyavin (1941 – 2003), whom she married in 1981, together in 1982 they had a son Valery.
Svetlana changed her last name to Mulyavin-Penkina.
Svetlana Penkina passed away a 65 years old.