Sunil Bardewa, Nepalese pop singer, Died at 44


Sunil Bardewa died on September 13, 2016.

He was a Nepalese pop singer,songwriter, arranger and guitarist.

Primarily, Sunil did guitar works on all of his work therefore, his songs made him popular not only as a singer but as one of well-recognized guitarists among local youths in the early 2000s.

He was initially involved in a musical band, The Matrix.

During the band, he was joined by another Nepalese singer -Saroj Dutta.

His band had won Sajan Smriti Pop Song Contest in 1995.

One there of the most popular songs of Sunil Bardewa are “Goreto Ani Ustai Cha Galli” and his pop ballad “Bihani Ma”.

He had written the lyrics of the song with Naresh Dev Pant.

Sunil Bardewa passed away at 44 years old.