Sudhindra Thirtha, Indian Hindu religious leader, Died at 89


Sudhindra Thirta was born on March 31, 1926, and died on January 17, 2016.

He was also referred to as Shri Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji.

He was the legal and spiritual head (mathadipathi) of the Kashi Math and the twentieth successive person called the swamiji of guru parampara.

He took the charge of Kashi Math in 1949 after the samadhi of his guru in Kochi.

Contining the tradition of the math, to continue the guruparampara, on July 7, 1989, he initiated a vatu into sanyasa to be the 21st and called him Raghavendra Thirtha.

Due to internal animosity, Raghavendra was removed from the position and all rights in the math, with effect from July 19, 2000.

Following that to continue the tradition and guruparampara of the math, it was necessary to initiate a new Shishya.

Thirta then initiated another vatu into sanyasa and named him as Samyamindra Thirtha on June 20, 2002, as the new successor.

Mr.Samyamindra was the current main disciple (patta shishya) & successor (uttaradhikari) of the math.

Sudhindra Thirtha passed away at 89 yrs old at Vyasahram, Haridwar.