Sudanese military officer and politician, Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab, Died at 83


Field Marshal Abdel Rahman Suwar al-Dahab was born in 1934 and died on October 18, 2018, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He was the President of Sudan.

He served as the president from 6 April 1985, to 6 May 1986.

Some suspected he was born in Al-Ubayyidin, others in Omdurman.

Suwar al-Dahab graduated from the Sudanese Military Academy.

Suwar al-Dahab became an important figure when former president Gaafar Nimeiry appointed him Chief of Staff, and then Minister of Defence and general commander of the armed forces in 1984.

Suwar al-Dahab launched a coup ousting President Gaafar Nimeiry leading to him becoming the Chairman of the Transitional Military Council during 1985

After the elections, Suwar al-Dahab surrendered power to the government of Sadiq al-Mahdi in 1986.

During 1987, Suwar al-Dahab became Chairman of the Islamic Call Organization.

Suwar al-Dahab earned the King Faisal International Prize for his service to Islam during 2004.

Field Marshal Abdel Rahman Suwar al-Dahab passed away at 83 years old.


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