Steve Truglia, British stuntman, Died at 54


Steve Truglia was born in 1962 and died on November 17, 2016.

He was a stunt coordinator, stunt performer and action unit director in the UK.

He had a long background in UK Special Forces, as a reservist, from 1980–2000.

During 1988 he joined 289 Commando (RA) (V), and in 1994 joined the Royal Marines Reserves SBS and qualified as a Swimmer/Canoeist (SC3), He was a qualified army physical training instructor (A grade).

Steve was an armed and unarmed combat instructor and an evasive driving instructor, and worked in close protection in the private sector at the highest level (formerly Saladin and KMS).

He died when he fell while attempting to abseil from a helicopter, above Wolong National Nature Reserve in China.

Steve Truglia passed away at 54 years old.