Steve Pivovar, American sports journalist, Died at 63

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Steve “Piv” Pivovar was born on September 9, 1952, and died on August 10, 2016.

He was an American sports journalist for the Omaha World-Herald for over 45 years.

Pivovar was given tributes by The NCAA on June 20 during what would have been the 500th consecutive CWS game staffed by Pivovar.

His nickname was “PIV,” and was mostly called that known, was etched behind home plate and along the foul lines.

There was a press box seat was left empty in his honor throughout the tournament.

Mike Reilly, The World-Herald’s executive editor and vice president, released a statement following Pivovar’s death: “Sports journalism has lost a great warrior with the death of Steve Pivovar.

He had told his stories honestly, elegantly and humanely.

Steve Pivovar’s hard work and his reporting and writing skills gained him the respect of our subscribers and sports figures all over America.

Piv was a trustworthy professional who pursued his craft tirelessly, always with humility and good humor.

Steve Pivovar colleagues at The World-Herald and sports writers across the U.S. leaned on Piv’s generous spirit and encyclopedic knowledge of the College World Series and Creighton University sports.

Steve Pivovar passed away at 63 years old.