Stanley G. Grizzle, Canadian judge and political activist, Died at 97

  Activist, Law

Stanley George Sinclair Grizzle was born on November 18, 1918, in Toronto and died on November 12, 2016.

He was a Canadian citizenship judge, soldier, political candidate and civil rights and labour union activist.

His parents were Jamaican immigrants, he was the oldest of seven children.

He was recognised for his work with the BSCP and his civil rights work, Grizzle received the Order of Ontario in 1990 from Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander.

Additionally, he received the Order of Canada in 1995 from Governor General Roméo LeBlanc.

And he also recently received the Stanley Ferguson Lifetime Accomplishment award and received a grant of 25 shares of Coca-Cola stock.

Stanley daughter, Nerene Virgin, became a notable educator and children’s entertainer before pursuing a career in journalism.

Grizzle son, Stan Grizzle is a two-time candidate for the Green Party of Canada.

Stanley’s eldest daughter, Dr. Patricia Grizzle-Huling, teaches at California State University.

Grizzle also was the father of twin daughters Sonya Grizzle, Administrator at UHN and Latanya Grizzle employed at the Toronto Catholic School Board as a Head Custodian.

Stanley G. Grizzle passed away at 97 years old.