Spanish writer, journalist and literary critic, Robert Saladrigas, Died at 78

Robert Saladrigas Riera was born on February 12, 1940, in Barcelona and died on October 22, 2018, Barcelona.

He was a Catalan writer, journalist and literary critic.

Robert Saladrigas was renowned for his articles on foreign literature published in CULTURA/S, the literary supplement of La Vanguardia newspaper.

Saladrigas literary work has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.

Saladrigas began Economics studies but very soon switched to journalism and literature.

Robert Saladriga swas the writer for several newspapers: El Correo Catalán (ca), Tele/eXpres (ca), ABC and La Vanguardia (where he was in charge of the supplement Libros between 1981 and 1994) and collaborated with the magazines Siglo 20, Tele/Estel, Cavall Fort, Mundo and Destino.

During 1974, Robert Saladrigasfounded Edicions Galba, which he led until 1978.

Then from the year 1978 to 1984, Robert Saladrigas directed in the Catalan Circuit of TVE the cultural programmes Signes and Veus i formes, the five-episode novel Cambres Barrades and the series “Històries de Cara i Creu”, which consists of thirteen short stories.

Robert Saladrigas was in charge of and participated in other cultural programmes on Ràdio 4, Radio Peninsular, COM Ràdio (ca) and Catalunya Ràdio.

Robert Saladrigas passed away at 78 years old.


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