Spanish football player, Quini, Died at 68


Enrique Castro González known as Quinn was born on 23 September 1949 and died on 27 February 2018.

He was a Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker.

He played for the Sporting de Gijón and FC Barcelona, he was widely regarded as one of the country’s best strikers, having won a total of seven Pichichi Trophy awards, five of those in La Liga.

He played for Spain international for 12 years, he represented the nation in two World Cups and one European Championship.

After scoring twice for Barcelona in a 6–0 home win against Hércules CF on 1 March 1981, he was kidnapped by two men at gunpoint, being forced into a van.

For a period of 25 days – during this time, Barcelona only scored amass one draw in four games, eventually losing the title race – he was rescued unharmed, upon cooperation between the Spanish and Swiss law enforcement agencies.

Then subsequently it was alleged that Quinn developed Stockholm syndrome since he decided not to press charges against his kidnappers and never claimed his personal damages award of 5 million pesetas.

On 27 February, he passed away at the age of 68 after suffering a heart attack.

He died at 68 years old.