Slobodan Lang, Croatian politician, Died at 70

Slobodan Lang was born on October 8, 1945, and died on February 23, 2016.

He was a Croatian physician, professor, humanist, visionary, diplomat, Member of Parliament, politician and Adviser for Humanitarian Issues of the first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman.

From 1986 until 1990, Lang was a member of the executive council of the city of Zagreb and secretary of health.

Lang help to organized the convoy Libertas in 1991 during the Croatian War of Independence, to bring humanitarian aid to bounded Dubrovnik.

In 1991, Lang organized a protest against JNA in Zagreb and protest against anti-Semitism.

Slobodan Lang was the president of the Croatian Healthy Cities Network, vice president of the Croatian Association of Public Health.

Slobodan Lang was also a member of various editorial boards of medical and other journals, a member of the Committee for Human Rights and Peace of Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, honorary member of the Croatian Red Cross and an honorary member of the Croatian Helsinki Committee.

Slobodan Lang was also the President of the assembly of the Croatian-American Society.

Also, he the author of more than 100 professional and scientific articles, and has authored and co-authored several books.

He served as a personal adviser to President Franjo Tuđman for humanitarian affairs in the period since 1993 until 2000.

He had counted himself to be Croat Jew and believes in Jesus Christ.

Slobodan Lang stated that Jesus Christ appeared to him several times.

Slobodan was also a member of Jewish community Zagreb.

Slobodan Lang passed away at 70 yrs old.