Sir Nicholas Brathwaite, Grenadian politician, Died at 91

Sir Nicholas Alexander Brathwaite was born on July 8, 1925, in Carriacou, Grenada and died on October 28, 2016.
He was the prime minister of Grenada from 1983 to 1984 and from 1990 to 1995.
After the 1983 invasion of Grenada, Brathwaite, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was appointed by Governor-General Sir Paul Scoon to reestablish the Grenadian government.
He became prime minister and chairman of the advisory council in December 1983, when American troops withdrew.
Brathwaite led Grenada’s return to democracy, and served as prime minister for a year, until his party lost the December 1984 elections.
However, the NDC won the 1990 elections, and he served as prime minister again from March 1990 to February 1995.
Brathwaite also served as foreign minister during some of that time.
Brathwaite resigned shortly before the 1995 elections, which the NDC lost.
Brathwaite was appointed an OBE in 1975 and was knighted in 1995.
Sir Nicholas Brathwaite passed away at 91 years old.