Sir Harry Kroto, British chemist, Died at 76


Sir Harold Walter Kroto/ Harold Walter Krotoschiner was born on October 7, 1939, and died on April 30, 2016.

He was also known as Harry Kroto.

He was an English chemist.

Sir Harry shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes.

Harold held many positions in academia throughout his life, most notably the Francis Eppes Professor of Chemistry at the Florida State University, which he joined in 2004.

Before that, Harold spent a large part of his career at the University of Sussex, where he held an emeritus professorship.

Sir Harry Kroto was an early Signatory of Asteroid Day.

Harry married Margaret Henrietta Hunter, in 1963, also a student of the University of Sheffield at the time.

They had a two sons: Stephen and David.

Over the period of his entire life, Harry was a lover of film, theatre, art, and music and published his own artwork.

Sir Harold Walter Kroto was a “devout atheist” who thought that beliefs in immortality derive from lack of the courage to accept human mortality.

Sir Harold Walter Kroto was a patron of the British Humanist Association.

Sir Harold Walter Kroto was a supporter of Amnesty International.

Walter Kroto referred to his view that religious dogma causes people to accept unethical or inhumane actions: “The only mistake Bernie Madoff made was to promise returns in this life.”

Sir Harold Walter Kroto holds that scientists have a responsibility to work for the benefit of the entire species.

Kroto, along with 54 other public figures, on September 15, 2010, signed an open letter published in The Guardian, stating their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI’s state visit to the UK.

Sir Harry Kroto passed away at 76 yrs old.