Shozo Awazu, Japanese judoka, Died at 92


Shozo Awazu was born in 1923 in Kyoto and died in 2016.

He was a Japanese master of judo.

He was the one that achieved the rank of Kōdōkan 9th Dan.

Shozo had led the development of judo in France.

He went to France in 1950 and was the assistant of Mikinosuke Kawaishi for introducin judo in France.

Shozo Awazu was a teacher at the Henri Courtine and Bernard Pariset.

He was a professor of judo at the Racing Club de France in Paris, from 1953 to 2016.

Awazu was considered to be one of the top experts in ne waza (grappling techniques), kata and tandoku-renshu.

Shozo Awazu passed away at 92 yrs old.