Shigeru Kōyama, Japanese actor, Died at 87


Shigeru Kōyama was born on January 16, 1929, in Kure, Hiroshima and died on January 3, 2017.

He was a Japanese actor.

He joined the Bungakuza theater troupe in 1952, first as a directorial assistant and then as an actor.

Kōyama made his film debut in 1953 in Tadashi Imai’s An Inlet of Muddy Water.

Kōyama left Bungakuza in 1963 and participated in other troupes such as Gekidan Kumo and Engeki Shūdan En.

Kōyama was also well known for his role in the hit TV show The Guardsman.

Kōyama died in Kyoto Prefecture from pneumonia.

Shigeru Kōyama passed away 87 years old.,