Shahid Qadri, Bangladeshi poet, Died at 74


Shahid Quaderi was born on August 14, 1942, and died on August 28, 2016.

He was a Bangladeshi poet and writer.

Shahid Qadri was one of the prominent poets of post-1947 Bengali poetry, who brought a new angle to the Bangladeshi scene by introducing urbanism and a sense of modernity.

Shahid Qadri poetry was infused with patriotism, cosmopolitanism, and universalism and in its treatment of nature and city life, it delves deep into the conflicts and the sense of alienation pervading modern life.

For his many works in poetry, he was awarded Bangla Academy Award in 1973.

Following the publication of his third book, Quaderi stopped writing and started living in London and Germany.

Then in the 80’s, he relocated to the United States and started living in Boston, where he married his second wife, Dana Quaderi; she died in the late 90s.

He died due to from kidney disease.

Shahid Qadri passed away at 74 years old.