Sandra Moreyra, Brazilian journalist, Died at 61


Maria Sandra Moreyra was born on August 28, 1954, in Rio de Janeiro, and died on November 10,2015.

She was one of the top journalist in Brazil, for Brazil’s Rede Globo and RJTV.

On August 2013, Sandra used her Facebook page to announce her struggles with esophageal cancer.

Maria had surgery to remove the tumour in January 2014.

In September 2014, she returned to work on TV Globo.

Maria has worked as a reporter, presenter, programming director and publisher, and she also presented the column gastronomy Art of the Table, in Good Morning Brazil, on television.

Maria was Granddaughter to journalist Eugenia Moreyra and poet Alvaro Moreyra.

She was the daughter of the sportswriter Sandro Moreyra and mother of journalist Cecilia Moreyra.

Maria graduated in journalism at the UFF.

She started working in journalism in 1975, where she reported for the Jornal do Brazil, and in 1981 on television.

During her work on television, she highlighted the special 1808.

‘The court in Brazil’, a series of reports on the 200th anniversary of the changes within the Portuguese court in Brazil.

Maria worked as a screenwriter in the documentary 70 in 2013, the director Emilia Silveira.

The film represents an episode occurred at the height of the military dictatorship in Brazil, when a group of 70 political prisoners were released and banished from the country, in exchange for the release of the Swiss ambassador, Giovanni Enrico Bucher, who had been kidnapped by guerrillas of Popular Revolutionary

Maria lost the battle with cancer and left behind her husband and her children.

Sandra Moreyra passed away on November 10, 2015, in Rio de Janeiro.