Samuel Mumbengegwi, Zimbabwean politician, Died at 73


Dr. Samuel Creighton Mumbengegwi was born on October 23, 1942, and died on June 14, 2016.
He was a Zimbabwean politician.
He was the brother of the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Simba Mumbengegwi.
He served for a time as Minister of Higher Education and as ZANU-PF Chairperson for Masvingo.
In 2002, the Commercial Farmers Union said, Samuel took over Irvin Farm from its white owners as part of land reform.
Samuel was finally appointed as Minister of Industry and International Trade in August 2002, and he was appointed as the Minister of State for Indigenisation and Empowerment in 2005.
Samuel was relocated to the position of Minister of Finance, on February 6, 2007, replacing Herbert Murerwa.
During the ZANU-PF primaries for the March 2008 parliamentary election, Samuel Mumbengegwi sought the party’s nomination for the Chivi-Mwenezi Senate constituency in Masvingo Province, but he was defeated by Josaya Hungwe, a former Governor of Masvingo Province.
He argued about the result and the ZANU-PF national election directorate ordered the vote to be held over again, but Mumbengegwi was defeated for a second time, winning 4,906 votes against 8,736 votes for Hungwe, and therefore Hungwe received the ZANU-PF nomination.
Reportedly, on January 3, 2009, that Samuel Mumbengegwi had been dismissed from the Cabinet earlier in the week, along with 11 other ministers, because he no longer held any seat in Parliament.
Samuel Mumbengegwi died at Avenues Clinic in Harare due to an unknown ailment.
Samuel was a lecturer at the Great Zimbabwe University in the Education faculty, before his death.
Samuel Mumbengegwi passed away at 73 yrs old.