Samuel Hadida


Moroccan-born French film distributor and producer Samuel Hadida were born on December 17, 1953, in Casablanca, Morocco and died on November 26, 2018.

The Moroccan film producer helped to establish the organization Metropolitan Filmexport with his sibling Victor in 1978.

The organization later turned into an effective autonomous merchant of movies in the French-talking world.

Metropolitan Filmexport is the current French merchant for movies by Lionsgate and, in the past, New Line Cinema (Warner Bros. presently discharges New Line films).

In 1990, he shaped another organization, Davis Films.

Since 1993, the organization has created in excess of thirty Hollywood movies, with True Romance being the first.

Despite the fact that Hadida has added to the film business over numerous decades, his work in leading the Resident Evil film establishment is the thing that he is best known for.

At the point when Hadida took in the task was battling, he connected Constantin Film and offered a 50/50 adventure bargain.

This venture, and his work with the film adjustment of Silent Hill, has added to his acknowledgment inside the domain of computer game adjustments.

Hadida passed away at 57 years old the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital after a short ailment.


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