Ryke Geerd Hamer, German physician, charlatan and conspiracy theorist, Died at 82


Ryke Geerd Hamer was born on May 17, 1935, in Mettmann, Germany and died on July 2, 2017.

He was a German physician.

He was the originator of Germanic New Medicine, also formerly known as German New Medicine and New Medicine, a system of pseudo-medicine that purports to be able to cure cancer.

The Swiss Cancer League described Hamer’s approach as “dangerous, mostly as it lulls the patients into a false sense of security, so that they are deprived of other effective treatments.

He held a license to practice medicine from 1963 until 1986, when it was revoked for malpractice.

His system came to public attention in 1995, when the parents of a child suffering from cancer refused medical treatment in favour of Hamer’s methods.

He was charged with malpractice and convicted in several European countries.

He claimed that his method is a “Germanic” alternative to mainstream clinical medicine, which he claimed is part of a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews.

Ryke Geerd Hamer passed away at 82 years old.