Ron Lester, American actor, Died at 45

Ron Lester was born on August 4, 1970, in Kennesaw, Georgia and did on June 17, 2016.

He was an American actor.

Lester was best known for his roles in the films Varsity Blues, Not Another Teen Movie, Good Burger, and the TV show Popular.

Lester’s first acting role came when he went to Atlanta, Georgia, to appear as an extra in a commercial, which turned into a feature part.

He appeared in a music video for the band Little Texas.

Lester relocated to Los Angeles and began doing stand-up comedy in comedy clubs.

In 1997, he took his first film role in the movie Good Burger.

After two years, he had a recurring role on the TV comedy Freaks and Geeks.

Lester also appeared in Not Another Teen Movie, which parodied his role in Varsity Blues.

During 2001, Lester underwent gastric bypass surgery, losing 348 pounds.

He has been obese since childhood, at his heaviest, he weighed 508 pounds.

Reccorded in an interviews, he flatlined during the operation.

Following a gastric bypass, he had 18 plastic surgeries to remove excess skin.

During November 2015, Ron Lester was hospitalized due to issues with his liver and kidneys.

Lester was reported to be in critical condition in June 2016 and was in hospice care.

Ron Lester passed away at 45 yrs old.