Romeo Anaya, Mexican boxer, Died at 69


Romeo Anaya was born on April 5,1946, in Cahuare, Chiapas, Mexico, and died on December 24, 2015, in Tuxtla GutiƩrrez, Chiapas.

He was a Mexican boxer.

He was in the Super Bantamweight division.

Anaya is the former WBA World Bantamweight Champion.

At the WBA World Bantamweight Champion, where Arnold Taylor met Romeo, who was in a match refereed by Stanley Christodoulou in Johannesburg in South Africa. On November 3, 1973.

There was a 14 round fight, that match was considered a classic by boxing fans.

Reportedly Taylor received a cut and was knocked out one time in round 5 and 3 times in round eight (the WBA has since adopted a rule where a fighter is automatically declared a knockout loser if the fighter is knocked down 3 times in the same round).

During round 14, he connected with a right hand to Anaya’s jaw, sending him to the floor.

Anaya took two long minutes to get up, and Taylor won the WBA world Bantamweight title.

Romeo Anaya held the WBA Bantamweight Championship of the World in 1973 and the Bantamweight Championship of Mexico in 1971.

Romeo boxing career records, shows that he won 46 (KO 38) and lost 19 (KO 14) and drew 1.

Romeo Anaya passed away at 69 yrs old.